In August 2022, the Theater of Hopes and Expectations was built in the Volksgarten Düsseldorf, as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine. Since then, the project by artist collective Prykarpattian Theater has been based on a building measuring approximately 8 x 7 x 5 meters.

Over the course of the summer, the "Theater" became a temporary cultural center in public space, in which numerous events such as exhibitions, installations, film screenings, discussions and lectures by Ukrainian cultural workers took place.

The "Theater" is now to be given a new purpose after the program has ended.

With the help Livyj Bereh the "Theater" will become a new house for a family, whose home in the Kyiv region was destroyed by the Russian armed forces.

Donate to turn the "Theater" into a family house

The parcel selected for the construction. Kukhari village, Kyiv region