September 23 — 27, 2022

"Ukrainian rainbow from different pictures" by atelienormalno

12 — 6 pm

atelienormalno is both a studio community and an artist organization founded in Kyiv in 2018, in which professional artists with and without Down syndrome work together. Since then, its members have participated in numerous exhibitions, publications, performances, and many different collaborations. They have initiated other projects as curators and organizers, always looking for new ways of interaction and dialogue. Thus, atelienormalno is a dynamic and constantly evolving community. At the same time, the group is actively engaged in combating prejudice against people with and without Down syndrome. Through their work, they contribute to breaking down the prevailing, self-contained and conservative thinking strategies in society , including in the art world.

Since fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine, three of the artists, namely Anna Sapon, Evhen Holubientsev and Valeriia Tarasenko, have been working in the studios of Kunsthaus 18 in Cologne. In the "Theater of Hopes and Expectations" they will show works created during this time as well as realize a mural that will be created especially for the space of the pavilion in the Volksgarten.

Photos: Annika Bethan