September 16, 2022
September 17 — 19, 2022

Exhibition: Livyj Bereh

3 — 8 pm
12 — 6 pm

When the Ukrainian army regained the territories occupied by the Russian invaders, the members of the collective Livyj Bereh began to travel to remote villages. Their goal was to provide direct aid to people in isolated regions severely affected by the war. Since then, they have been delivering medicines, food, tents and much more to where the goods are most needed. In addition, due to the emergency situation regarding the lack of housing, the reconstruction of buildings, roofs and walls became one of their central tasks.

In Düsseldorf, Livyj Bereh will show an installation that includes documentary photographs and architectural elements they found on their missions. Both elements are testimonies of a national heritage that is under threat of destruction.

Photos: Annika Bethan