September 6, 2022

Film screening:
"No Obvious Signs" (2016)
by Alina Horlova

8 pm

The title of the documentary film "No Obvious Signs" refers to a sentence Ukrainian soldiers* are confronted with again and again in the course of medical treatments. Although their bodies do not show any obvious injuries, they still suffer. The reason for the psychological and physical symptoms are deep-seated traumas. The film by Alina Horlova tells the story of a woman returning from war. It shows her way back into everyday life and documents in a sensitive and reflective way the problems associated with post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks and anxiety.

Before the screening, there will be an introductory talk with the director together with a trauma specialist. They will give an insight into the right approach to dealing with traumatized people.
7 — 10 pm

Exhibition: "Palianytsia" by Zhanna Kadyrova