October 16, 2022

"Repeat After Me"
by Open Group

12 — 6 pm

A few weeks before Russia's full-scale invasion, the State Emergency Situations Service of Ukraine started distributing a several-page manual on how to behave in the area where military actions are happening. The order and type of action severely depend on whether the attack is assault rifle fire, artillery shelling, multiple rocket launcher shelling, or even aerial bombardment. To protect themselves, the people of Ukraine had to learn to determine different weapon types by sound.

The video "Repeat After Me" by Open Group, which will be on view at the Theater of Hopes and Expectations, shows civilians, who were displaced from different regions in Ukraine and now live in a camp for war refugees in Lviv. Throw the art project, they share their collective memories and expertise in the sounds of war. Reproducing various types of weapons, they conduct a kind of karaoke instruction. This instruction, as simple and bitter as it is, is unable to convey the experience that has become the price for this knowledge.

"From the moment we hear the first air raid siren, our 'internal alarm' is on alert. It keeps us in constant tension and makes us listen to every sound, every rustle. Sometimes suspicion creeps in even in silence".

Photos: Annika Bethan