November 25 — Ongoing

Part II

Theater Becomes Home

Press kit

The program at the Theater of Hopes and Expectation has come to an end. The building in the Volksgarten Düsseldorf has been dismantled. But our work goes on as we are raising money to turn the theater into a family home:

The house in which Lena, Inna, Milana, Vika and Maria (Honchar family) lived was destroyed by a Russian tank on March 11.

Together with the volunteer group Livyj Bereh, who visited us in Düsseldorf in September, we want to build a new house for the Honchar family. It will be partly made of the materials we used last summer to construct a theater in Düsseldorf.

We have already delivered the construction timber and OSB boards to Sloboda Kuharska (Kyiv region), the home village of the Honchar family.

The remaining materials needed for the reconstruction of the theater into a residential building will be purchased directly in Ukraine. For this we still need 8.000 euros.

This sum would cover the total cost of all materials, interior equipment and labor. This includes a weatherproof facade, thermal insulation, doors, windows, corrugated metal for the roof, laying an electrical connection, etc.

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